Yellow = Sunlight

Out of the Dark
Into the Sunlight

An LGBTQ+ friendly town, New Hope is a beacon of light, a safe and welcoming environment where you can be free to express yourself and your sexual identity. You can be open and proud without fear of judgment or rejection.

While identifying as LGBTQ+ has become more mainstream, there are still far too many individuals for whom coming out creates anxiety. The fear of job loss, housing loss, and family rejection are all too real. Unfortunately, some people live secret lives, concealing their true identities.

The power of knowing you are not alone provides the strength to be yourself. In the New Hope area, there are multiple organizations, student alliances, and events where we come together to celebrate ourselves and each other. The Rainbow Room at Planned Parenthood provides a safe, supportive environment where LGBTQ+ youth can be themselves, knowing that they will be accepted without reservation.

The light of day shines on the LGBTQ+ community in New Hope. We do not hide in darkness, rather we live openly and authentically, embracing our uniqueness.



T​he Rainbow Room at Planned Parenthood of Doylestown for LGBTQ+ youth partners with New Hope Celebrates to understand our history and to march proudly in the pride parades.


Prior to the legalization of marriage equality, commitment ceremonies were held at Ferry Landing Park in the center of town.


New Hope Solebury High School’s GSA​ Founder Nevin William Blaythorne-Rae, at 16 years old, courageously stood up for his rights as a gay young man in front of the School Board and spoke about his experiences as an “out teen” at his school.


The Studio​ on Mechanic St. opens its doors to LGBTQ+ community for educational forums and entertainment. The Human Rights Campaign (Bucks) held its kick-off meeting inviting the community to participate in local equal rights activities.


Herb Millman and John Dwyer made history by being New Hope’s first legal same-sex marriage. The ceremony was performed by New Hope Mayor Larry Keller.


NHC takes over the High Heel Drag Race, an annual all-inclusive event that embodies the fun-loving spirit of New Hope. Held every October, gays and straights alike put their drag on and race up and down Mechanic Street Shown above Jenn Wohl and Elisa Fusco Event Coordinators.


NHC creates “i am new hope” campaign in response to the new administration and its climate of uncertainty.  The concept and design Created by Gordon Pulaski, Creative Director or NHC since 2009, developed the concept, design and campaign execution.


Frank Deluca On The Beat

After working and living in a diverse community like New Hope, it was easy for me to come out after only one year on the force. Many officers throughout Bucks County were not able to do so without fear of repercussions. I consider myself lucky to have worked here. This is why my husband Dr. Rey Velasco and I chose New Hope.”

Frank DeLuca
Retired Police Corporal, New Hope Borough

Places 18938

The NEW Prelude ‘75

Located at 408 York Rd where the First National Bank & Trust is now, the New Prelude opened in 1975 with a ground-level bar and dance floor featuring weekly nightlife and memorable Halloween parties. It closed in 1988 after its very last New Year’s Eve bash.

New Hope Motel ‘70s

“The Motel in the Woods”, just a quarter-mile outside downtown New Hope and across the street from the Raven, featured 28 units on five acres including a pond, heated pool in season, outdoor porches, refrigerators, and private baths..

Grace’s Mansion

Grace Dager is 93 years old and now living in Philadelphia but her time in New Hope during the 1970’s lives on in the memories of many others. Her restaurant, Grace’s Mansion, was not much more than a beachy cottage with 6 tables and a bar, but the W Bridge St location (now the parking lot for Living Earth) was packed with locals and Philadelphia friends with their Jaguars and Mercedes Benz’ often parked in front! Advertisement for Grace’s Mansion 1973.

A model that was 6 times married, Grace once won a beauty contest, beating out Philadelphia’s ‘other’ notorious Grace, Kelly! Her restaurant was fun and frequent hangout for the colorful cast of New Hope, and she was its personable producer and restaurateur.

New Hope Lodge
& Cub Room

Formerly the Motel in the Woods, the Lodge and Cub Room were purchased and renovated in 2014. Inspired by the film “All About Eve” and centered in the heart of the woods, The Cub Room bar is a rustic hotspot offering old-time favorite cocktails, specials, live musical performances and community activities.

January’s Gay Resort ‘70s

In the mid-1970s Hope Ridge Farms, a large red barn on Aquetong Road, was transformed into a disco called January’s. Though short-lived, it was arguably the most popular disco club of its day. With a speakeasy atmosphere, the unlicensed gay club attracted a mixed crowd.

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